June 2014 Newsletter, District II

picture of Chris Pattillo

June 2014

Hello District II Phi Theta Kappans!

I'm Christopher Pattillo, your Alabama Regional Vice President for District II.

I enjoyed meeting some of you at the Regional Convention, and hope that you all had a wonderful experience. We're excited about the coming year, and we hope you are all ready to get out there and make a difference on your campus and in your community. We want this year to be the best yet for the Alabama Region! The Regional Officers will meet for our Regional Officer Retreat in May to talk about the needs and possible goals for the Alabama Region, and we'll have another planning meeting at the Honors Institute in June. I would really like to hear your ideas, so please let me know what you think about our Region's needs, and what should be included in the Regional goals.

I would like to stay in touch throughout the summer and fall, and hear from each of you about your chapter's activities. So as soon as you can, please send me your new officer and advisor information, and pictures of your chapter's fall and/or spring induction of new members. It would be great, if we could have every chapter in our District featured on alptk.com, the Alabama Region's website. When you plan your chapter meetings and special events for fall semester, I would like for you to send me those dates. I want to visit each of you at some point during the year, and hope you'll call on me if you need help with any of your chapter activities.

Advisors, please forward this letter to your officers and members!

I hope to see many of you at Annual Convention next month!

Christopher Pattillo
Vice President, District II