June 2014 Newsletter, District III

picture of Jena Freese

Vice President District 3
Jena Freese
Tau Mu Chapter
Enterprise State Community College

June 2014

I could not be more proud to represent District 3. All of you have made great strides and accomplishments this past academic year! Advisors, thank you for your time, patience, passion, enthusiasm, and effort! It does not go unnoticed.

All of you are the core of each chapter and contribute a huge deal to your chapter’s success! I want to commend all of you for sacrificing your time and possibly your sanity to contribute to our lives and the development of our character and our leadership skills as young men and women. I will speak for every student, Advisors , We Appreciate You!

A new year is here! It brings new opportunities to embrace, student's lives to impact, and Dates to remember . Friendly reminder of the following upcoming events:

  • International Honors Institute (June 16-21, Washington University, St. Louis, MO)
  • Mock Chapter (July 18, Jefferson State Community College, Shelby Campus) and July 25, Enterprise State Community College). Members and advisors may attend Mock Chapter at either location.
  • Regional Honors in Action Leadership Conference (September 26-27, 4-H Conference Center, Columbiana, AL.)
  • Regional Convention (March 6-7, Calhoun Community College)
  • Annual (International) Convention (April 15-18, Henry B. Gonzalez Convention Center, San Antonio, Texas

I would love to visit every chapter in District 3 and will be available to attend any of your chapter or officer meetings, this summer and during the fall semester. I will also be available to come to your induction ceremonies.

Advisors, please let me know your summer and fall meeting schedule, and if it would be possible for me to come talk with your chapter about their Honors In Action Project, College Project or other chapter programs.

As soon as you have your officers in place, I would really appreciate you sending me their email address and/or phone number so I can contact them personally.

I want to be involved as much as possible and especially in any areas that could promote your chapter's excellence.

I look forward to meeting with all of you soon!
Jena Freese


Jena N. Freese
Alabama Regional Vice President District III
Phi Theta Kappa International Honor Society
Tau Mu Chapter
Enterprise State Community College


Gilbertown Advisor:
Ms. Shelia Skelton
(251) 843-4423

Monroeville Advisor:
Dr. Melinda Byrd-Murphy
(251) 575-8226

Monroeville Chapter of Phi Theta Kappa:
President: Taylor House
VP - Scholarship: Jessica Walston
VP - Leadership: Khadijah Kidd
VP - Service: Natalie Queijsen
VP - Fellowship: Jessie McMullen
VP - Communications: Macaulay Ackerman

Thomasville Advisor:
Mrs. Lee O. Conerly
(334) 637-3189

Thomasville Chapter of Phi Theta Kappa:
VP - Scholarship: Jordan Matheson
VP - Leadership: Halie Moore
VP - Service: Austin Bedwell
VP - Fellowship: Lexie Brewer
VP - Communications: Kayla Squires