Newsletters from Sondra Lovette

picture of Sondra Lovette

Hello Phi Theta Kappa members,

My name is Sondra Lovette and I am a sophomore at Bishop State Community College. I plan to transfer to Alabama A&M to study Agribusniess Education in both the undergraduate and postgraduate programs. I also plan on obtaining a doctorate degree in plant and soil science. My career goals include starting a Keep America Beautiful Affiliate, a community garden program in a low-income area, and opening a non-profit agriculture camp. I am confident that being a member and Regional Officer of Phi Theta Kappa will help me obtain the leadership and service skills needed to reach my goals. I look forward to working with my fellow Phi Theta Kappa members and officers. I know this will be a great experience!



Hello District 3!

I'm sorry I missed out on the fun and learning at this year's Leadership Conference. My chapter at Bishop State, Alpha Epsilon Nu, had great things to say when they came back and were very impressed. Thanks for attending and participating!

Although I was not able to attend the Honors in Action Leadership Conference, I would really like a chance to talk with each chapter personally. I was thinking that it would be a great idea if I could attend on of you chapter meetings. I would like to get a good understanding of how each chapter works together and how you are working towards your five star goals.

If your chapter would be interested in having me attend one fo your chapter or officer meetings, new member induction, or special events, please send me your meeting and event schedule, and let me know when you would like for me to visit.

Also, if you have pictures and/or stories about your chapter activities, please send them to me, and I will have them placed on the Regional website,

Thanks again for your continued support --- I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Hello District 3 and welcome to the New Year!

As we begin our journey through 2012 and the upcoming semester, let us reflect on previous goals, what it took to achieve them and and how those processes have helped us grow.

I am excited to learn about each chapters Honors In Action and College Projects. If you have any pictures or information that you would like to share and have posted on our regional website, please forward them to my email address below. Also, I would like to attend at least one event ( Induction Ceremonies, Meet and Greets, College Information Days, etc.) at each chapter so please email or call me if you have anything planned and would like for me to attend. I would also be happy to come and speak with current members and chapter officers about running for a regional officer position.

I want give a special thanks to everyone in District 3 for your attendance and participation in the 2011 Alabama Regional Events. We have had some great turnouts!

If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact me..Happy New Year!

Sondra Lovette
Phi Theta Kappa
Alabama Region
Vice-President District 3